Monday, November 10, 2008

oh my god!

i rode an elephant today!

it was fun seeing everything and everybody from that vantage point. it didn't hurt that all the tourists were looking at us and taking our picture. haha!

this trip is getting betterer and betterer!

later today, we shall see some of the smaller nearby temples, and the killing fields here in siem reap. more adventures for us.

for now, i gotta go!


carlo said...

hey cooL! di ba the elephant ride isn't part of the villa package? how much did you pay? so there's time to do that pala? coz my wife always wanted to ride an elephant. wow imagine kung sa angkor wat pa. cool.
glad you're feeling better. thanks for the updates. you're living the dream!

i gotta go! said...

hey carlo! yep, the elephant ride isn't part of the package. it costs $15 for a 20-minute ride. you start from the gate of angkor thom and end in bayon. :)

and the villa staff will discuss the different options available for your tour, para talagang personalized.

we're leaving tomorrow! ayaw ko pa! :p but there's bangkok to explore naman.