Saturday, January 3, 2009

elle luggage is love

one of the best gifts i got for the holiday season came from my cousin, who's always backed me in my travel pursuits. when she found out i had plans of going to europe and was in need of new luggage, she decided to get me my desired elle trolley luggage:

it's a 25" trolley in olive green, sporting three spacious pockets in front, perfect for my shoes and other knick knacks. it costs Php 8,499.75 in sm.

it also has one flat pocket in the back, where i can put shopping bags and travel documents. i also love this model because it doesn't have those swiveling wheels that i hate. i don't know why, but i just find two-wheeled luggage sturdier.

and as is usual in most luggage sold today, my new elle luggage sports this TSA lock, to make sure that my maleta is not slashed open should i ever go to the US (not happening any time soon, though). this was actually the dealbreaker with the delsey that i was supposed to get. it only featured a flimsy lock.

i really love how elle placed this to support the bag if it gets too heavy. can't really say that i won't shop a lot where i'm going! :D

now let's check out how it looks inside:

this particular elle trolley looks very roomy. i'm pretty saddened that it doesn't have as much pockets inside like my previous elle trolley (to be pictured later), but the space is really more than enough for me (i hope!). the cover (on the left) is meant for storing garments that wrinkle easily. and! it even comes with a hanger! what's more, i also got this bag, which costs Php 1,999, for free:

and like i mentioned, i was supposed to get myself a delsey trolley, but i couldn't bring myself to get a travel mate that's not an elle. while i know delsey is a pretty good brand, and quite durable, the performance of my elle trolley-backpack has exceeded expectations. take a look:

this is my first elle luggage, which i got in hong kong for HKD 700. i loved it for its color, since it's easy to spot on the conveyor belt. and it has two pockets--one that can hold two pairs of shoes, and the front most pocket is where my itinerary and other documents usually go. in this photo, it's still sporting the baggage claim tag from cebu pacific (bangkok to manila flight), and a little woven fish charm given to me by a market merchant in siem reap.

of course, it didn't hurt that it also doubles as a backpack. :) this zipped area also functions as additional storage.

and inside, it features two side pockets (where i usually put socks and underwear). that single pole in the middle makes packing a bitch, but i've worked around it.

this elle luggage has been with me for about three years of traveling now, and it has never disappointed me. it's kept all my things intact, and its soft fabric expands to make room for the trinkets and other knick knacks that catch my fancy during my trips. it's also pretty lightweight, and even when it's bursting at the seams, it's still a cinch to carry around.

of course, this smaller elle luggage will still be around to accompany me on my short-term travels, while the bigger, olive green elle will be my travel mate for more major trips. i'm hoping the new elle luggage performs just as well as its tinier sister. :)


Ryan Chua said...

Elle is not as durable as it seems. I had an Elle luggage that went bonkers while I'm in the airport. Imagine the hassle I went through. Shame on them.

i gotta go! said...

hi ryan. that's really unfortunate. i hope that doesn't happen to me! i'll keep you posted on the performance of my elle luggage. so far, though, i'm quite satisfied. :D

Zane said...

long time no visit... i checked out some bags when SM had a sale and, indeed, Elle looked good! mukha naman ngang matibay ang construction (at may freebie din na little bag :)). let's do that long-planned bahala-na-kung-san-makarating trip this year ah! ikaw lang ang kilala kong enthusiastic about that idea :) or maybe after your europe trip :)

i gotta go! said...

zaneh! yes, i'm game for that! :D but yeah, after europe (kung matuloy) na nga lang, pliz. hihi!

Anonymous said...

Is your wheeled back pack still working great? Am thinking of buying similar product. Any feedback is much appreciated.

i gotta go! said...

hey there! yep, the wheeled backpack is still doing great. :) the big suitcase, not so much.

Anonymous said...

i just bought the exact same suitcase, how's yours now??

i gotta go! said...

hello! one of the wheels were yanked off from a trip to hk. :( thankfully, the warranty will cover repairs. hope yours will last longer.

people said...

hi. im choosing between elle and samsonite. i love the styles of elle luggage but im not sure of the quality. i have this luggage for 5 yrs now which has been drag to hell but it's still ok. i was wondering if elle luggage has that same quality?

Anonymous said...

Hello. Where did you get the wheels repaired? - monet

Anonymous said...

Hello! I have question please! I bought my elle suitcase in vietnam few months ago and it has 1 year warranty. Now my suitcase has a cracked both top and bottom, i wanna know if the company will change this or what.

Thank you!