Wednesday, January 7, 2009

pfukhay ad majawjaw: rice planting in mayoyao

ever since i heard about the rice planting tour in ifugao a few years back, i've always attempted to experience it. i'm really feeling frustrated that once again, i will have to turn down a chance to try it out.

but maybe you're free. aside from having the chance to experience rice planting with the mayoyao community, you'll also get to see how they celebrate through dance and music. there's also a chance to go shopping at the banaue town center and to check out the mayoyao museum. it really promises an enriching experience; there's nothing like getting to know your own culture better.

this rice planting tour is made possible by the pochon group, a youth organization dedicated to helping the mayoyao community.

the pfukhay ad majawjaw tour will be on january 23 to 25, 2009 in mayoyao, ifugao. for those who are interested to join the rice planting tour, just contact josh maliliw through email ( or mobile (0906 4826300). reservations will only be accepted until january 19, 2009.

thanks to ivan henares for the heads up. :) he also has photos of the mayoyao rice planting tour from last year.

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