Friday, January 9, 2009

landmarks revised by michael hughes

to further your (and my) thirst for travel, let me share some unique takes on renowned world landmarks, taken by michael hughes.

instead of just bringing home trinkets and souvenirs for friends, hughes uses them to give touring/landmark photos a spin. take a look:

the eiffel tower

croissant in paris

windmills in netherlands

this set is now an ongoing book project called souvenirs, and if you want to see more of michael hughes' souvenir photos, you can check out the souvenirs flickr page.

photos taken from weburbanist
all photo by michael hughes

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michael hughes said...


Hi, you are receiving this mail because you were kind enough to
link to my website, put me onto your blog or generally showed
an interest in my photography.

Souvenirs has proven to be very popular with over
6,000,000 hits to date on Flickr. The Federal Goverment has (shortsightedly, in my view) refused me government funding, preferring to give money to people who have shown they can handle it professionally like Hedge Funds
and Merchant Banks. This has given me no choice and I have therefore
decided to offer "Souvenirs" on my website for a piffling €1,00 per download. For this princely sum you get 10mb of choice image to print yourself on the medium of your choice. (Gives a print of 24cm x 15cm or 9" x 6"). Perfect to give to a friend who needs cheering up,
perhaps because they will never travel business again.
The link is
So go there now, don't hold back! Remember,
the more you spend the sooner the recession
will be over for me!