Monday, April 21, 2008

busy weekend

slowly getting back to going out on the weekends. after months of mostly staying indoors or taking short out of town trips, i'm back to enjoying my weekend nights.

friday was spent in the rockwell urban bazaar, as i wanted some new clothes for the summer. i was actually looking for new fisherman's pants, but didn't find good ones at the bazaar. the bags of bagsinthecity were pretty tempting, though! also got to meet up with mlnw couple, isa and adrian. isa designs maria creations. :D do check her out!

we had dinner in brazil! brazil! i don't know where i've been, but i really didn't know about their barbeque buffet! good thing susie felt like pigging out that night, or i wouldn't have been able to gobble down slice after slice of yummy cuttlefish! the buffet costs about P750.00, and you're given endless access to the goodies burning at the grill. there was lamb, different kinds of beef, cuttlefish, chicken, pork spareribs, and even grilled corn. methinks i'll be taking the family to pig out there soon, maybe on mother's day.

saturday was also jam-packed. since i came home from the bazaar empty-handed, i went to goldcrest in glorietta and got myself 5 new tops, all for just P400! how great is that? :)

after that, i met up with susie and we went to instituto cervantes for dia del libro, where a bunch of books were up for sale. i got a couple of f. sionil jose titles, and susie treated me to merienda--a slice of spanish tortilla from the gaudi booth! it was yummy! soft, with a lot of potatoes.

since we had some time to kill before our next "event," we decided to go to the fort and look for libingan ng mga bayani, since we've both never been there before. visiting hours are from 6am to 6pm. we just drove in and looked at the lawn of crosses. it made me sad to think of all those soldiers, buried in the ground, unidentified. to die and not have your family know what really happened.

as we drove along, we also saw a lot that seemed to be dedicated to the country's national artists. i saw ang kiukok, and n.v.m. gonzales, to name a few.

a quick merienda at mckinley hill, and we were off to saguijo, for milagros dancehall collective's album launch, which was scheduled to start at 6pm. we were the first to get tickets, entitling us to a free album each. i even won an all-body wax treatment from lay bare, one of their sponsors. it's been a while since i bounced to live music, and it was fun to do that to lively dancehall beats.

so that was my weekend. sunday was spent watching television and working on some stuff. i'm looking for more "productive" and fun weekends as the months pass. :) i don't think i'm up to partying till the wee hours, but it's nice to know that i still have the enthusiasm and energy to do it once in a while.

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