Monday, April 21, 2008

renew philippine passports through passport direct!

is it time to renew your passport already?

for philippine passport holders, renewing your passports, and even applying for a new passport, is made easier with online applications through passport direct!

while this service doesn't eliminate personal appearance at the department of foreign affairs, as you have to go there for thumbprinting, it does make things less of a hassle, as they will be picking up your passport at the address you indicate, and send the renewed passport, and your old one, to your address as well.

what's more, you can alter the date of your personal appearance, as well as the pickup date of your old passport, to suit the time that's convenient for you.

another perk in renewing your passport through passport direct is that you have a priority lane when you get to the DFA for your personal appearance. according to the site, this lane reduces your time down to just 30 minutes.

the website provides an online application form and a tracking feature so you can check on the status of your application. new applications and passport renewals are accepted.

the catch? the passport direct service costs P1,300, up P800 from the P500 regular processing fee. but do realize that this already includes pickup and delivery costs. it's up to you to weigh whether the perks are worth it. i personally think it is, considering you only have to find time to go to the DFA for one day, and stay there for just 30 minutes or so.

link: requirements for new application and passport renewal.

passport direct - online passport renewal service
24-hour hotline: (02) 737-1000


Maria said...

I am in the US. Can i still apply for my renewal?

heydrich said...

I have the same question as Maria, will I be able to apply for my renewal while residing in the US

Anonymous said...

cant you both read? it says you need a personal appearance.

Anonymous said...

Yes you can still apply for renewal of your passport, just visit your nearest philippine embassy.