Wednesday, April 2, 2008

oslob church destroyed by fire

oslob church was one of the churches susie and i visited during our trip to cebu last year.

we were both pretty impressed to find that such an old structure is still left standing, and in good condition at that, hundreds of years later.

but today, i saw an email from ivan henares, saying that the oslob church had been gutted by fire. most of the 178-year-old structure was lost in the flames.

a news story on the inquirer says that even though the church was just 50 meters from the fire station, firefighters couldn't do much to stop the flames, because "they could not respond because their two fire trucks were defective." they even had to "ask some residents to help them push one of the fire trucks to the church, so they could hose the fire down."

this is such a big loss in our heritage treasures. and restoration would be difficult, because, as ivan pointed out, there was no documentation made on the church. there are no diagrams to refer to should anyone want to put the church back as it was.


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