Tuesday, April 8, 2008

driving down to pila, laguna

no major trips for me for the long weekend. i'm serious about saving up for next year's big europe shebang.

but to make up for my travel diet, i asked susie if we could drive down to pila, laguna to check out the old houses. we were told that it was considered the vigan of the south, because of the old structures that line the streets.

since there wasn't much information on the internet on how to get to pila, we relied on a map published in 1985 entitled luzon by car. and according to some of the tourist maps i found, pila was between los banos and pagsanjan--quite a long stretch of land.

from south luzon expressway, we exited at calamba (exit 50A), and drove on, passing calamba, los banos, and bay. after the junction to calauan, where a huge duck can be found, we were greeted by the pila town marker.

true enough, the streets, particular rizal street, their main thoroughfare, was lined with old ancestral homes, which are being used as homes or as a cafe or a store. i was pretty glad that the houses and structures were still being used, as it assures that they will be renovated and maintained.

the main attraction was definitely the san antonio de padua parish. though it wasn't too impressive from the inside, the interiors were definitely something to brag about!

the church was designed using white and wood, giving the entire place a clean, elegant look. lines were all clean, and even the modern furnishings, like electric fans, were in keeping with the theme. no bright, jarring colors, just crisp paint and nice wood.

we took a break from the exploring at hardin sa casa ni juanito, which was a backyard with different tiny stalls selling food and drinks. there were small tables scattered in the garden.

photos of my pila, laguna daytrip.

town information:
pila, laguna on wikipedia
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map of historic structures in pila, laguna


travelphilippines said...

yihhhhh i wanna go there wala nmn akong car hehehe.. pwede ba mglakadlakad dun?

djong said...

along burzagom street, okay lang maglakad, pero sa rizal, which is their main avenue, medyo mahirap, kasi makitid yung sidewalks.

pero go, punta ka na! :D lapit lang sa manila. di ba yung amazing race asia 2 nagpunta dun? they used a bus going straight to pila. :D

kegler747 said...

I love old towns! Pila is of course on my list :)

djong said...

what other old towns can we explore here in luzon? :) i've gone to vigan, was wondering if there are more towns closer to manila.

Anonymous said...

thanks djong for coming to our town..b glad to show you arund the old houses samday.....ray

ray said...

thnaks foor coming to our town djonmg and susie...ray

ray said...

pls explore the vigan of south...pila laguna..will soon open up our old house for bed and breakfast for anyone searching the past life....will keep you posted soon... thanks ray alava antonio

i gotta go! said...

hi ray! :) do let us know about that bed & breakfast! we'll be back in pila soon, definitely.

Susie said...

A bed and breakfast! That'd be great!Saturday, explore the town, maybe even sit and watch palay blow in the wind, unwind at the bed and breakfast and just relax, then next day see the people on Sunday congregating to mass,then lunch at the park. Perfect get away!

gay said...

I like the old houses, too. Love to show them to my friends who visit us at Pila.

Everything's Herbed said...

Do visit Pila. It's my hometown.